PandaForm is a product of Oursky. We’re a small company that aims at making quality SaaS software that can improve productivity and quality of life. (And it’s cool.) We also do web application development here in Hong Kong for over 100 clients. It was founded by Ben Cheng, Rick Mak and Roy Yuen in 2008. If you have ideas, opportunities or comments, please drop us an email at

How to reach us?

Workshop Unit B, 9/F, Wah Wai Industrial Building, No 1-7 Wo Heung St, Fo Tan, Shatin, Hong Kong

Feel free to contact us!

Twitter: @PandaForm or follow our team’s Twitter List.
Community Forum on GetSatisfaction
PandaForm has a blog.
You can talk with Ben Cheng (co-founder) at his Twitter,
Google Talk:, personal blog.

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Wanna blog about or do a demo on PandaForm?

First of All: Thanks a lot! That’s really helpful!

We’ve also got a bunch of screenshots, a introductory video and a demo video of PandaForm which you can use. You may also want to read below some talking points of PandaForm, and how we do the demo.

Good luck with your demo and let us know how it went!

Do you have some talking points for writing PandaForm?

  • a simple use case is really helpful to demo Pandaform. You may want to explain PandaForm in different use cases for your audience, maybe as a order management system, as sales lead tracker, course registration or equipment checkout form. Try to use examples which your audience understand.
  • if you store a lot of business data such as customer orders or vendor database on Excel and are frustrated about how difficult it is to share information with your co-workers, PandaForm is designed to provide you with a simple solution that solves this pain.
  • if you need online forms which always need customization, you’re also the target audience of PandaForm. We put lots of stress on usability and you may want to demo how easy it is to create and publish a mini-site with a job application form.
  • we update the application weekly with personal customer conversation via GetSatisfaction and Zendesk.
  • sometimes I am asked about comparing PandaForm with Wufoo or Google Form. The difference is that we focus on helping companies manage internal business processes with simple online forms that can be easily shared among a team, instead of collecting survey forms. Feature-wise the difference includes collaboration features (i.e. customizable work process, commenting and status tracking) and payment collection.
  • we are a small startup in Hong Kong founded by local graduates, we started with 3 people in Jun 2008 and are self-funded. We wanted to do a web startup because:
    • we think the opportunities provided for Hong Kong students are too limited, people expect the best students to join an investment bank for good money;
    • we want to prove that working in bank or government is not the only way;
    • we want to live our own life-style: a bit of bohemia, Marx and keep working on good software for niche market.